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100% Hand Knotted Rugs at homedecorfinerugs.com


What are Hand Knotted Rugs?


A hand knotted rug is a unique work of art. Every piece is laboriously and patiently worked upon by a skilled weaver, who ties each knot individually, creating a truly distinctive masterpiece.


Unlike machine made rugs that are mass produced and have no exclusivity, when you own a hand knotted rug you can be sure there will be no other rug that is identical to it. The designs, colors and patterns reflect each weaver’s creativity and the story they want to narrate through their wefts and weaves.

Why choose Home Decor Fine Rugs?


Diverse Selection

We are able to offer a diverse selection of handmade area rugs that come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors due to our extensive list of industry connections.


Save up to 80% Off Retail

We are in a unique position to offer some of the best handmade area rugs in the world at a discounted price that is up to 80% off the retail rate that is adhered to by other rug companies.


No-Obligation In-Home Trials

In San Diego California, Home Decor Fine Rugs is pleased to offer our "Try Before You Buy" policy to help you ensure that you have selected the perfect handmade area rug.


Full-Service Operation

Our clients benefit from our full-service operation that includes bringing handmade area rugs to your home and moving any necessary furniture so that you can see exactly what each item looks like in the intended space.


Lifetime Full Exchange Guarantee

Our "Lifetime Full Exchange Guarantee" makes it easy to exchange your rugs in the future. In fact, this unique program will give you a store credit that is equal to your original purchase price!


Trade-In/Trade-Up Program

We offer a "Trade-in/Trade-up" program to provide you with a credit for the market value of any handmade area rug that you purchased from another gallery.


Experienced Consultants

Home Decor Fine Rugs employs experienced Gallery Rug Consultants to provide you with an easy shopping experience.

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