How to pick your Rug?

Filling out this PDF form may give you a better idea of what types of rugs to purchase for specific rooms in your home.

What Rugs Are There to

Choose From?


We have a full inventory of many types of rugs, including:

  • Industrially produced rugs
  • Rugs made by hand
  • Knotted pile rugs
  • Flatweave rugs
  • Handmade oriental rugs


What Else Should You Consider?

  • How old the rugs are and how well they’ve been cared for.
  • What materials the rugs are made from, such as synthetic fabric, wool, silk or cotton.
  • How many knots the rugs have.
  • The type of design is featured on the rug.
  • How the rug was dyed (techniques include synthetic dyeing and vegetable dyeing).
  • How colorful the rug is.


How Will You Be Using the Rug?

  • Are you in need of temporary decor for a room or a rug that will reside in your home permanently?
  • Will a lot of people be coming and going through this room?


Consider the Rug’s Texture


  • Make use of tapestries, pillows and artifacts to increase a room’s aesthetic appeal.
  • The type of finish you use is key to making patterns stand out.
  • If you’re after a softer look, consider taking advantage of handmade rugs.


Invest in a Rug That Best Suits Your Needs

  • Try to only purchase rugs made from the best quality fabrics. Doing so will give you a product that will look wonderful and last as long as possible.
  • If you need a more portable style of rug, area rugs are a great option.


Please keep in mind good overall maintenance will also improve your handmade oriental rug’s lifespan.

What Sizes Can You Choose from?

The range of standard rug sizes varies based on the type of rug you’re interested in purchasing. Custom rugs, for instance, can be purchased in whatever size you wish.


Square rugs come in 8 feet and 6 feet.


Round rugs can come in 3', 5', 6', 8', 10' or 12 in diameter.


Runners can be 6', 8', 10', 12' or 14’ long, and 2'3", 2'6", 2'8" or 3’ in width.


The standard rug sizes for handmade rugs are the most varied, and include:



1.6'x2.8'              5'x7'                 5'x8'                 6.6'x9.6'                 9'x12'

2'x3'                   3'x5'                 6'x9'                 10'x'13'                 10'x14'

4'x6'                  8'x10'               8'x11'                 11'x16'                 12'x15'

12'x18'             13'x20'             14'x20'                15'x19'                 18'x24'


Essential Supplies for Rug Shopping

It may be a good idea to bring along samples of your countertops, tile flooring and/or finishes or stains for wood flooring, depending on the room you’ll be placing the rug in. You may also want to show the staff specific fabrics or colors you have in mind so they can help you match them as closely as possible.


To learn more about our inventory and related services, contact us. We are available to help anyone interested in buying new rugs in La Jolla and/or San Diego.

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