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What exactly did you feel when you bought a rug for your home? 

Okay, this question might feel a little vague when you don't own a rug already. But trust me, if you have a rug this question will permeate feelings of love and nostalgia in you. When you bring a Rug to your home, it might seem another decorative piece to you. But by and by it becomes an important element that makes mere 4 walls and a roof - your beloved home.


Though I agree that materialistic things do not possess much value in our lives as we long for people, feelings, emotions and their love. But on the contrary, I feel proud to tell you that I have endured a thousand moments with my rug, lived each of it dearly and made so much memories with a just rug beneath my foot. 


Owing to this fact that how fundamental your rug is for you, Home Decor Fine Rugs endeavor to restore your memories spent with your beloved rug. 


From the best antique piece you purchased to a simple but dear rug, Home Decor Fine Rugs has been trusted for more than three generations to provide repair and restoration services and bring life to your beloved damaged rugs. It can be either normal wear and tear, pet damage, moth infestation or any other catastrophic damage to your rug.

But, without a doubt you can heartily trust our highly skilled artisans as with their expertise and finest plan they'll repair and restore your rug to its original glory.


When you're planning to trust us with such a huge task, we understand that you're overtaken by umpteen number of questions. So, here we are to answer some of the most common raised questions about Rug restoration and repair services. 


Do we mean the same thing by rug repair and rug restoration?


Rug repair and restoration are two words which people tend to use synonymously. But if we dive deep into the technicality, by restoration we mean to restore a piece to its original glory. Proper restoration of a rug requires more than just repairing a single problem such as re-fringing, reweaving, over-edging etc. While by repair we aim at fixing the problem that may or may not be restore the losses complete or bring back the original state. 



How much does restoration or repair cost? 



Each rug, may it a Persian Rug or a handmade oriental is unequalled and unique and thereby each problem will be unique as well. Thus, it becomes impossible for us to give you an exact cost for restoration or repair because there are certain number of factors on which the total cost will depend. Nevertheless, before proceeding with our services we will give you the estimates for both restoration and repair services. Our expertise team will go through a thorough inspection of your rug and will let you know the best possible option for you to proceed. 



Do you only repair and clean Persian rugs or Oriental rugs?


No, we at Home Decor Fine Rugs provide services for all type of rugs. We aim at standing by your side in all your problems. So even if it's not a Persian or an Oriental rug, we are here providing our cleaning, restoration and repair services for all of them. 


Can you repair the fringes of my rug? 


Fringes can be repaired and bound, unequivocally. These are actually the warps of the rug that the rug maker twists and ties the pile onto. This is what forms your rugs.

Thus, it becomes very relevant to address any fringe damage as soon as possible. With the passing time, there is a high possibility for more fringes to unravel. And the more a rug's fringes unravel, the costlier the repair will become.




Can you fix my rug which was damaged due to moth infestation? 


Yes, your rug can be repaired even if its moth infestation, pet damage, the normal wear and tear or any other catastrophic damage. But before we repair or restore your beloved rug, we will clean it professionally to save it from any further moth infestation which can happen in near future due to any moth larvae still living in the rug. 


What all restoration and repair services do you provide? 


Though we aim to solve each and every problem you face with your rug, here are some of the basic ones that tend to trouble our clients more often and yes, we're absolutely ready to fix them for you. 


  • Fringe replacement i.e. restoring or replacing the fringes. 
  • Stain removal i.e. removing all type of stains
  • Restoring the original shape of rug
  • Restoring the edges of the rug
  • Matching the right yarns for rug restoration
  • Preventing rug ends from fraying
  • Restoring the lost colors and texture
  • Reweaving i.e. tying knots to bring back original glory etc. 






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