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  • RUG CLEANING: We, here at, Home Décor Fine Rugs, hand wash your rugs professionally to ensure two things:
    • They are spotless clean,
    • Any kind of damage to your precious rugs are avoided.

  • RUG REPAIR/RESTORATION: Our reliability is reflected in our long familial history as master rug weavers; thus you can trust us for the restoration of your rug to its original splendor.

We offer rug repair services, which are inclusive of the following:
• Adding new fringe,
• Over casting,
• Binding,
• Pet stain removal,
• Under padding replacement, and
• Edge binding.

Home Décor Fine Rugs holds over a 50-years experience in repairing and cleaning rugs.

We offer pick-up and delivery services while we clean and repair your rugs and we’re proud of this highlight of our commitment to offer the best services for your rugs.

Give us a call and we'll enlighten you deeply about our dedicate services for your rugs.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality care and services to your oriental and Persian rugs is trustworthy since we are well aware that these heirlooms need to be treated with the utmost respect in order to help them maintain their vibrant colors, classy fringe, and tight weave.

Rug Cleaning Secrets by Professional in San Diego and La Jolla

Our extremely talented and professional work staff understands that rug cleaning for fine rugs is something to be approached cautiously.

It’s not at all advisable to place your heirlooms in anyone’s hands to use just any carpet or rug cleaner to remove a spill or stain on a fine rug.

Whether you have handmade rugs that are old and valuable, have area rugs or oriental rugs bearing intricate designs, or Persian rugs that are very important to you, the wrong rug cleaners can prove disastrous and leave you with life-long regrets.

Well, we are the answer to these worries of yours. Contact us to learn further about how we can bring new life to your old rugs.


After hiring a local rug cleaning specialist who is well versed in specialty rugs, and whether it’s traditional rugs or modern rugs, you can stay perfectly assured that yours will be in capable hands.

Contradictive to rug cleaners, carpet cleaners tend to use the one-size-fits-all kind of approach, which may be, fine seeming for modern wall-to-wall carpeting or for mainstream area rugs.

But when it comes to your valuable fine rugs you will want your rug to be handled with the utmost care by a perfectionist and very professional cleaner who can give your rug the finest attention to maintain it in it’s most amazing shape as ever.


Serving San Diego, La Jolla, And Surrounding Areas

We all are well aware that periodic rug cleaning is important for the maintenance of the following:
• It’s look,
• It’s condition
• Odor free rug.

Whether you’re looking forward to a regular and preventative care or rug repair, or you’ve had a spill on your precious heirloom and are looking into the stain removal from your attractive rug, we would be happy to offer talking to you and providing you with a free consultation.

our team of professional is autions, experienced, and carry forward an excellent track record of positive reviews for the cleaning and repair of contemporary rugs, which include oriental persian and other handmade rugs.

We are one stop destination for mantainance of your rugs



Contact us today at: (858) 397-2626



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