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A rug pad is not only beneficial for holding your rug in place, but serves several other purposes. Thus, we at Home decor fine rugs have underlined some of the basic roles a rug pad fulfills in order for you to be sure wherein you need to opt for a rug pad. 


Benefits of Rug Pads

Rug pads provide an extra layer of comfort

 Rug pads not only enhance the look and feel of your area rug, but also keeps the rug uniform. By keeping the rug uniform, it prevents shifting of the rug when it's walked on. Thus, helps your rug stay in place, keeping it safe and looking great. 

 It also helps in keeping the flooring underneath clean and also adds an extra layer of comfort, softness and cushioning. If you want more layers of comfort, you can simply add a thicker layer of pad. The thicker the cushion on your rug pad, the more comfort and protection you gain.

A non-slip rug pad is absolutely the best choice

With elderly people or children in the house, you need to ensure more safety. Sometimes, you can’t just evade accidents even if you take utmost care. Thus, a non-slip rug pad is absolutely the best way to reduce the chances of someone slipping on a rug or avoiding any accident which might lead to injury. In addition to the safety it provides, it also holds your rug in place during cleaning and shifting. 

Rug pads ensure cleanliness

 Adding a rug pad simply means more air circulation, which will definitely help to prevent any odor to set in. With a rug pad underneath your favorite rug, you can also ensure that no dust particles are entrapped, ensuring a longer life to your beloved rug. 

 Rug pads increase the lifespan of your rug and floor

Rug pads increase the life of your rug by protecting it from shifting and rubbing on the bottom, which is normally caused due to friction and results in premature aged rug. A rug pad here acts an extra layer between the rug and the floor, preventing the rugs fibers from being crushed. 

 Notwithstanding the benefits it provides to the rug, it protects the floor too. It protects the floor from any scratches and color fading as well.





Rug Padding Online San Diego
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