Once you bring a rug home, it can become your insatiable habit

Once you bring a rug home, it can become your insatiable habit

  • Amir Ghods

Aren’t we sometimes too confused to decide which rug will best suit the season, or which color will best suit our interiors, or where shall we place the rug that it adds the most wonderful aura to our dwelling?


When we sit down with a quest in our mind to amplify our interiors, we have this one major disclaimer popping up, “We want our homes to be cozier”. And with that word cozy, our mind definitely circles back to a Rug. This cozy atmosphere can be created in the heart of your home easily if you know the right material of rug and the most suitable color to opt for during the season.



Never miss on your favorite pastels


Pastels are undoubtedly enticing. And we know some of you are just diehard fans of pastels. However, pastels are generally good for spring for their lighter nature, which complements the blooming flowers. To create the cozy winter vibes in your home with your favorite pastels, you can simply choose the darker versions. 


The importance of choosing darker shades of color in winter comes from the understanding that darker shades tend to absorb more heat, a fundamental essential for the chilly season. Also, you can get a rug which is a combination of several other pastel shades to add to the vibrancy of your ambiance. 



Add depth and vibrancy to your space with layering


If nothing seems to work for you, the best and the most creative way to create a cozy space in your home is by using the art of layering. Layering adds depth and vibrancy to any space. The process involves using a solid rug as a base and placing a patterned rug on top of it. 


Layering can be achieved using the traditional method of placing a single patterned rug on top of a solid wall-to-wall carpet, or by placing several different colored rugs to add more character to your space.



Dark browns for your interiors 


When you’re in a perplexity to select the rug shade for your space, how about some dark browns? It can be a perfect color for a bit chilly season as it creates extra warmth in your space. 


Dark brown shades can be always a perfect winter rug choice for your home. It can be an ideal furnishing accent for homes that have a modern decor setup. These rugs go exceptionally well with contemporary and traditional interior setups that too effortlessly, and instantly.


Red shades can be extremely adaptable piece of accent for every home. 


The importance of bright red rugs cannot be overlooked. If bright tones of red seems too bright to you, you can always go for maroons for darker shades or oranges for lighter ones. This contemporary allure of rugs make them an extremely adaptable piece of accent for every home. 


Notwithstanding the appeal they have, they are also pieces of decoration. The rugs at Home decor fine rugs are crafted using premium quality yarns of wool, so that they feel pleasantly soft on the skin and lasts a long time in your home as well.


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