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Bringing a rug to your home simply means adding beauty and comfort to it, as a rug complements every part of the home aesthetically. It not only enhance the look of the place but also increase the comfort manifold.

When you're choosing a rug for dwelling, a Pakistani rug can always be a good choice as it is well known for its beauty and elegance. They are so much worthy of attention and equally valuable as decorative floor covering. These rugs are handcrafted using the best quality material and are available in different designs, styles, colors, materials and patterns, therefore creating a gorgeous impact on any space.


The manufacturing of high quality rugs began in Pakistan prior to the partition. After the partition, many skilled Muslim weavers moved to Pakistan.
High-quality yarn was imported to Pakistan by the Pakistani government to support the new state’s textile industry.

With experienced weavers and fine wool, the rugs crafted in Pakistan rapidly found their place in the European markets as the most exquisite pieces of handwoven art.


Here at Home décor fine rugs, we offer the best type of Pakistani rugs to make your place look aesthetic and beautiful. Let's explore their amazing features and types together -


Pakistani rugs are being crafted by craftsmen who have a centennial old experience which they have inherited from their forefathers. The skills of weaving rugs is often passed down to them through apprenticeship under instructions from their parents or grandparents.

Designed to satisfy the cravings of cultural enthusiasts, the traditional designs of Pakistani rugs are actually quite unique, aged and passed on from generation to generation.


Pakistani rugs are enchantingly beautiful with eye-catching color schemes and designs. They’re durable, long-lasting and feature exclusive design and patterns.

If taken care in a profound way, the rug bought by you could be used to decorate the living room of your grandchildren as they are exceptionally durable and long-lasting.


Pakistani rugs are usually dyed with natural pigments, thus their colors never fade. Their wool remains soft, and the design patterns continue to ooze an aura of excellence and magnificence for years.


Pakistani rugs are sought for all around the world because they are available in a variety of styles, shades, shapes, and sizes. Due to a large variety, a Pakistani rug never fails to perfectly complement your existing decor and thus makes your floor not just look great, but undeniably captivating as well.


Here’s a list of some types of Pakistani rugs that you shop with us. Let's explore together to find the one that perfectly suits your personality and compliments your existing interior decor -

Ziegler or Chobi Rugs

Also known as Peshawar or Ghazni rugs, the Zieglers rugs are much loved for their soft hues and geometric floral designs. They have a high-knot density and could be the best carpet investment you ever make.

They are a perfect choice if you want a modern yet traditional at the same time for your space.

Bokhara Rugs

The Bokhara rugs are quite commonly loved among carpet enthusiasts owing to their soft, velvety texture. These rugs feature traditional geometric design patterns on solid-colored backgrounds in shades of classical red or gold.

They are a perfect choice for you if you want to add a pinch of tradition along with warmth to your space.

 Shirwan Rugs

A Shirwan rug is quite similar with the Kazak style of Pakistani rugs. But the fact that a Shirwan Rug is constructed with hand spun wool, featuring a higher knot density makes it different from a Kazak rug.

They are a perfect choice for you if you want a rug that can make your guests stare in awe.

Pak Persian Rugs

Pak Persian rugs are greatly influenced by the Persian design patterns and weaving techniques. These rugs are world-famous for their knot density and detailed floral designs.

Gabeh Rugs

The Gabeh rugs are woven out of perfectly hand spun yarn that is dyed naturally. These are made by skilled Pakistani weavers, featuring geometric floral patterns. They are highly durable with fade-proof colors.

What makes these rugs stand out is their stylish floral patterns and bold geometric designs.

 Heriz Rugs

The Heriz rugs are available in a wide range of different colors with enchanting patterns.
The wool used is colored with commercially farmed dyes.

Kazak Rugs

Known for their warm appearance and casual look, Kazak rugs can make any living room look more appealing and fuller of life.
They’re available in beautiful colors with distinct geometric patterns and a range of alluring designs.

Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs are among the most beautiful and legendary rugs ever made. These rugs are unique piece of art that will enhance your living space.

These rugs undoubtedly look great in any setting!


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