7 Most common raised questions about RUG CLEANING

7 Most common raised questions about RUG CLEANING

  • Amir Ghods

Rug cleaning is one of the most entrusted task that we trust someone with. The rugs at our home are our much loved places where we have definitely cherished loving moments with our dear family. 

Allotting the task of cleaning it can bring a lot of queries along with it. But trusting someone with a semi-centennial of experience will be beyond the shadow of doubt. We are here only to wash the dirt but keep your memories intact and bring them lively again.

We are proudly dedicated to providing you with the finest quality rug cleaning possible. You and your area rugs are important to us. 

So we are here to answer some of the most common asked questions to us by our dearest customers. 

What are the 7 most common raised questions about RUG CLEANING?

  • Is there any probability of rug shrinkage?
  • The probability of shrinkage is complemented when mediocre machinery is used. With poor quality equipments desired results can't be achieved. 

    Inappropriate procedure along with the use of unsuitable cleaning solutions may become hazardous for the health of your loving carpet. Over drying and long wetting hours may also lead to the shrinkage of the carpet.

    So a wise choice will lead to lesser harm to your carpet. And we at Home Decor Fine Rugs work painstakingly and handle your product with utmost care and love. Our machines also minimize any risk by sucking the dust and water at a faster rate.

    1. Can we get back the old unfaded look of the Rug? 

    When your Rug is involved in a regular contact with direct sunlight there are going to be faded spots on it over time. 

    Your rug can be significantly damaged by sun rays. So, when the carpet in a home begins to visibly fade with the naked eye it can be eye opening.

    Where does the sunlight beat in from? 

    It can easily enter through the windows, doors and ventilators and cause your rug to fade away. It can weaken the rug fibers too and will lead to the loss of shine over time. 

    So is it possible to repair a faded carpet and restore it?

    Though the answer depends on the amount of damage done to the rug fiber. But our team put the best of our efforts to revert your rug to the new look again. Each rug is carefully inspected for color runs. Even if the carpet was left to fade for several  years and it's fibers  has sustained serious damage. Don’t worry! You can rest your worries upon us. 

    We will work earnestly to help your area rugs maintain their vibrant colors, classy fringe, and tight weave.

    1. How long will the procedure take?

    If we really want to ascertain an average time taken for rug cleaning and washing by the consummate carpet cleaning technicians at Home Decor Fine Rugs(which will include pick up, the cleaning process at our own facility and dropping it back to you with uttermost care) that would be plus or minus 7 days.

    1. Is there any requirement to remove all the furniture?

    No, there may be no need for you to remove the furniture and all other stuff. Keep faith, we will carefully move your furniture before taking away your area rug and place it back once we deliver you. 

    We will only ask you to do a thorough checkup to see if there is anything valuable or fragile kept there and remove the same yourself. Rest everything, we'll save for ourselves.

    1. Will the carpet look rejuvenated?

    If your rug is looking less than fresh, you can brighten it up. We treat your problems as ours. Giving a lively refreshed look to your rug is our duty.

    We use a Rug duster machine which removes almost 99.9% of dust even before washing. And that’s what makes us the best.

    You don't need to do much. We’re just a call away. 

    1. How long will it take for the Rug to dry?

    Well, this question totally revolves around the type of equipment used by the company, and the effectiveness of the service provided by them.

    If you want to hire a low-end company, it may take a longer period for your rug to dry completely.

    But, if you choose to hire us for such an entrusted task we'll pay you back with our reliable work. Your rugs will be returned back to you in a completely dry and rejuvenated state in more or less 7 days. 

    1. How many steps are involved in the rug cleaning?

    We at Home Decor Fine Rugs follow a process of washing which include 11 steps which thoroughly cleans your area rug. The washing methods are -

    4. HAND WASH
    8. FAN DRY

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