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I don't have a way with changing places. It takes quite a lot time for me to fit into the aura of a new place and get acquainted to a totally different vibe. 

But apparently last year, the moment we shifted I already had a whole lot of list prepared to comfy me in my new house. And if you've been a rug lover you'd know the first concern of your mind. You will never underestimate how a unique blend of traditional designs and appealing colors will make your dwelling familiar in a matter of minutes. The warmth it provides is like having arms wrapped around you to make you feel all safe and snug. 

 A house is not just a roof over your head and likely a rug is not just a covering for your floor. When you're up to creating thousands of new memories for your new home, a rug can be the best to begin with. So, whether you're shopping for a new rug or you want to restore a dear one, Home Decor Fine Rugs is your sure shot stopping place. 

The carpets that we use today, has been with us for years now. It was something to provide warmth and was originally produced for personal use. The different techniques of knotting and weaving carpets developed over the years and thus they were started to be manufactured for the express purpose of selling. 

With a bountiful range of beautifully colored rugs, Home Decor Fine Rugs provides you rugs majorly categorized into 4 types on how they're made. 



  1. Hand tufted Rugs
  2. Handloom Rugs
  3. Hand knotted Rugs
  4. Machine made Rugs





Hand Tufted Rugs


A hand tufted rug is typically a much higher-quality rug than one made by a machine. It is created by a weaver and not on a weaving or looming machine. 

Depending on the manufacturer and materials used, a hand tufted rug can last for up to 20 years. They aren’t made on a loom but are created with a tool called a tufting gun. A tufting gun can also be used to carve additional patterns on the rug. It can have equivalently colorful and mesmerizing pattern or anything like that you have seen on a machine made or hand-knotted rug.

To recognize a hand tufted rug you just need to look at the back of it to determine if it is hand-tufted as it has an applied coating that secures the tufts which is covered with some type of material. Nevertheless Hand tufted rugs are sturdier than mass-produced machine made rugs. 


Handloom Rugs


The look and touch of handloom rugs is doubtlessly unique and best suited to doll up your home. They suit every parameter of design, color and pattern to add considerable value to the homes and interiors. 

These are heavy weight rugs that spread perfectly flat on the floor and will not curl or bunch up like other rugs. They come in different colors and sizes as per the customer's requirements.

As per facts, handloom rugs and carpets is an age-old profession practiced by village artisans. Initially the rugs were made out of animal skin to protect men from weather and provide comfort. Over centuries, the rugs became symbol of status in most homes. Having at least one handloom rug in one's home was deemed an asset and hallmark of one's standing in society.


Hand Knotted Rug

A hand-knotted rug is a one-of-a-kind rug that is woven completely by hand on a special loom. It is meticulously created by an artisan. It is more durable and valuable and generally takes a longer time to produce, depending on the pattern. A higher density of knots means better quality – and a higher price.

 A complicated pattern requiring many knots can take a long time to weave, even when a textile worker may tie upto 10k knots a day.

Though produced at slower rate, it has more details accompanied with greater sense of artistic values. It has physical quality to last for generations. 


Machine made Rugs


Machine made rugs are generally made with the same materials used for handmade rugs. The major certain difference is that it lacks the personality that one finds in authentic handmade ones. You can never bring that soul to a machine made rug which is certitude in the one being handmade. 

With the gaining momentum of industrialism the loom was also being developed, becoming more and more automated and sophisticated. This meant that more machine made rugs began to be produced on a major scale. Today’s machine made rugs though can be significantly cheaper but can be differentiated easily with the one being handmade because of its paucity.

Thousands of reels of thread are being fed into one giant mechanical loom to produce a rug mechanically, which quickly weaves the rug according to a chosen pattern only, which in turn demands you to quit uniqueness. The production is carried out in different patterns and it does minimal material spillage. Only a certain number of colors usually upto 8 to 10  colors can be combined and screened to produce a wider color spectrum which can be a  big limitations for mechanically produced rugs. 


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