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What if it's the worst day of your life?

And no one actually cared!

You need so much for someone to look you into your eyes and tell you-

"You're right, this is messed up, it hurts, its okay if you fall apart a little. Because I've got your back!


That's what your rug can make you feel when it wraps you in its arms. That charismatic feeling can't be expressed with any words. That feeling of warmth and love is ineffable. 

The busy schedule and the long languishing days can beseech us to desire for a hand to hold on, for love to wrap us in and a rug to rest upon. 


The different fibers used to make a rug can provide a wide range of possible comfort and respite to you. So be prudent while choosing the right one for you! 


Home Decór Fine Rugs provides you with the rugs made of 5 different fibers which have their own specification. This range is to provide you with all the ease and solace your heart necessitates. 


5 types of Rugs made by Home Decór Fine Rugs in terms of the fibre used by them are -


  1. Polyester
  2. Polypropylene
  3. Viscose
  4. Cotton
  5. Wool




When you have to choose the perfect carpet for your dwelling or the office you work at, there are a lot of choices that you can probably make. One of the choice whose popularity keeps seesawing is Polyester carpeting. It is an affordable material which can be put to different uses. One of them which is it's usage in the making of carpet.


One of the biggest benefits of these carpets is that the synthetic fabrics can have vibrant colors with a bigger variety that are long lasting especially beneficial for bright colors.

They last way longer than other carpeting materials. Polyester is a great repellant too.  With low absorbency and durability many spills can be wiped right away. 

A major percentage of carpets made of polyester include recycled material which makes them eco friendly. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain as well. 

While it depends on price and brand, generally polyester is known to be comfortable underfoot and you can trust us with this as we'll provide you with the best.




This is a man made fiber. It can resist almost all typical stains. Though oil based stains can be difficult to be cleaned up, even with bleach, So you'll need to pay for professional cleaning.

It doesn't fades away due to direct sunlight and therefore is protected from it as well as it possesses water resistant properties so it won't go mouldy very easily.

It is pocket friendly which comes with the resistance to stains and certainly is easy to clean. Though you will need to be careful with heavy objects which can crush the fibers and be extra cautious about the sources of heat which can melt the fibers. So avoid using them in rooms with open fires.




Viscose has an amazing color and texture consistency that is difficult to accomplish in natural fibers. It will be hard for you to find any smooth and softer carpet then viscose carpet. It will unceasingly give you that lavish and elegant appearance. It has delicate quality and sleekness which intends to replace silk.

 It is a good absorbent which make it's cleaning quite sensitive. Being good isolator, it provides you with all the warmth during winters that your heart longs for. Even if you’re on a budget, it’s always worth wondering about a viscose carpet. 


Concisely, if you want a good looking carpet which can stand a lot more difficulties, don’t forget to remember - A viscose carpet is worth your choice. 




If you're looking for an affable rug that can be like beautiful attire for your room, look no further. Cotton carpets are strong as the yarn is tightly spun. This means that it'll get even stronger when wet but may apparently also take a longer time to dry and stains easily. It has good dye acceptance and is static and heat resistant. These rugs can be customized to a wide range of colors and patterns.


Cotton rugs bring a very casual vibe to a place and hence are most suitable to be placed in rooms that have a relaxed setting.

So, they can be pretty ideal for casual corners and space


  1. WOOL


The first carpets in the history were made of wool which surely implies that woolen rugs are most ideal for cold places. These carpets are one of the softest varieties. It will add a comfy touch to your house. These rugs are long-lasting, durable with natural crimp, robustness and elasticity. With proper maintenance a woolen rug can last for years even in high usage areas. It sustain its original color over years of wear and tear. 

They are traditionally hand-woven, hand-loomed, hand-knotted or hand-tufted, which make them unique, exquisite and expensive. 


Woolen rugs are ideal for cities with cold climate. Due to being a natural product, its manufacturing costs are higher and therefore so are the price and quality. 


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