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When you design a room, different elements need to be anchored or brought together to exhibit a profound look. But pulling all the disparate design elements together can sometimes be challenging. And thus, you would require the furniture and accessories to work as a whole rather than each piece competing for attention.

Different decor piece may sometimes look good on their own but they often need help to integrate with other pieces. Here is where an attractive rug unifies the room and becomes a focal point. So, whether you are a professional or even if you're just struggling to decorate your own living space, using a certain element as focal point is essential to make the space look visually more pleasing. Henceforth, even with an assorted decor where the pieces are seemingly unconnected, a rug is a perfect way to interweave the pieces of a room together.


Whether you are upto the task of decorating a room or an open space, a rug is a simple piece that enlivens a room. It can also be used as a fabulous showpiece. It is therefore a classic option when defining sections of an open space.

When you begin decorating your space, you want to dedicate particular spots for sitting, studying, working eating etc while making the entire space look attractive and practical at the same time. Here is where a rug comes into play. It anchors the varying spaces of a room and eliminates the isolated outlook of the furniture. Adding an area rug to the other areas of the room along with furniture helps to create separate groupings like sitting, studying, working, eating.


A great benefit a simple rug can do is flatter your furniture. When you a place a rug underneath the sofa set it divides the rest of the place. A modern rug can bring a sofa set up-to-date and make it fit in with the overall room composition and make the living area look  quite charming as well.


Instead of a dedicated study room, a study area can be defined by simply placing a rug. A decent sized rug when placed beneath a table and a chair can distinguish a studying space within any open area.


In the work from home era, we need a designated spot for work that offers a calm and tranquil space to you. Without an area rug to anchor, the furniture will seem like isolated islands.


Placing an accent rug underneath the dining table and chairs immediately identify the spot for eating.


‌Despite the fact that a rug can effortlessly anchor a space you need to be prudent while choosing it. A prudently chosen rug undeniably ties a room together and also adds rich colors and textures to a space. But the rug size and placement are not the only concerns of your mind. Things like the pattern, size, shape, placement, and color palette of a rug will definitely cross your mind when you're designing a room as these are the key factors in creating a warm and welcoming environment.

For instance -

• When you're choosing a rug that is too small, it can make a room seem empty or simply reduce the impact of your furniture. While conversely, when you select a rug that is too large can make an area seem cramped.


Rugs have been used for years to anchor the indoors of a home. They have aesthetically defined defined different sections of a space, but little did we know that they can amazingly anchor the outdoor spaces as well.

Today we can find outdoor rugs ranging in a wide variety of materials that look alluring and subtly fulfill the demands of  a beauteous home. Rug is ergo an easy way to bring coziness to a outdoor space.


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