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Amidst the widespread Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to turn our homes into offices. When all this began we had no idea that it'll take this long but now it appears that this concept is here to stay a little longer. Many spaces at our homes which have not been designed for focused working or have not been refurbished in years now require to be turn into a functional and inspiring home office that brings along creativity, productively and the ease of working for long hours.

Thus it becomes necessary to turn the mundane corner desk into a home office space as this will be a space where you would be required to spend most of the day. So comfort and productivity become the prerequisites while decorating your home workspace.

To ensure such a space, you would instantly be required to anchor the room so as to transform any space into a home office. Thus styling the space with a rug becomes the easiest way. A rug uniquely defines a space for office in your home and makes it feel more calm, patterned, synchronized and comfortable for you to spend the rest of the day.

Rugs can therefore be an easy way to breathe new life into your home office, add extra warmth and comfort and even help to increase your productivity. So here are some of the basic ways of how a rug aids in creating a workspace within your home.

Insinuate Comfort and Ease

Comfort and ease are two of the core elements when you plan to turn a space at home into your office workspace. A rug thereby subtly infuse comfort and ease into any space. It provides physical warmth underfoot along with an enticing look to the eye.

Spaces at home are usually finished with hardwood floors or tiles, which make them incredibly cold, especially during chilly winter months. But when you plan to designate such spaces for home offices or workspaces, a rug underneath proves to be a great way. It provides an extra layer of insulation, and feel a lot nicer under your feet than cold tiles or floorboards. The warmth provided by a rug can help to insulate your space and keep you at optimal comfort for productive working. Thus, ensuring uninterrupted long working hours.

Inspire creativity and productivity

When you plan to dedicate any space for office at home, make sure no matter which ideas you choose, it should help you feel inspired and motivated every time you step into that space for your day’s work. Choose a design which inspires creativity and productivity.

Adding a rug emboldens any space and provides you a great deal of motivation, creativity and productivity. So choose a rug design that creates a sense of joy while working. It should also aesthetically  be in harmony with rest of the home. It should suit your working style, as well as your surroundings.

Also while choosing a rug for your home office be prudent of the design and color as it creates a huge impact on your creativity and productivity and also on your working behavior.  For instance, dark and gloomy colors may evoke sadness and depression and thus create a demotivating environment while on the other hand vibrant colors can invoke motivation and creativity.

Separates from the rest of the space

In the work from home era, we need a designated spot for work that offers a calm and tranquil space to you. Apparently it can be difficult to separate your work life from your home life when your workspace is situated within your living space or dining space, with all the distractions at home including kids and others.

Thus, working from home comes with a great deal of challenges. So it becomes utmost important to create a visual distinction between the workspace from rest of the home. Using rugs to define and separate your working area can easily aid this distinction. Rugs can frame your desk area, and help to visually distinguish a work area in a bedroom, living room or dining space.

Noise killing potential

Workspaces need to be calm and quiet so as one can be focused during the long working schedule. But when you have to work from home,  you might experience issues like high levels of noise due to the hard-surface floorings. This problem is amplified with other family members especially kids at home. These high levels of noise in your workspace leads to reduced productivity and increased stress, impacting your effectiveness.

Rugs are a profound way to address this problem of noise as it aids in absorbing the sound with it's natural noise killing potential. It will also separate the workspace from rest of the home thus instilling a sense of alarm in kids to remain quiet. 


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