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Rugs and carpets are an integral part of home decor. Without them, our interiors feel incomplete. With their initial glow, our decor gets an inexpressible charm and aura. But by and by, you may notice that your rug is losing its original glow and glory. This can be due to aging, exposure to sunlight, foot traffic, or everyday wear and tear. 


Though, it’s quite normal for the color to fade, but we never want this to happen to our dear rug. We’ve spent so much time in choosing it and now when it just perfectly fits our decor we don’t want to lose it. Fortunately, it is possible to brighten faded rugs and carpets and bring them back to their former glory. 


Brightening up faded carpet is simpler than you might expect when you have the proper carpet-brightening products and cleaning tools. So, if you've noticed that your carpet or rug look a little dingy, don't immediately jump to the conclusion that they need replacing. 



On the other hand, we need to remember that prevention is better than cure. So, the best thing you can do to prevent carpet and rug fading is to execute a carpet maintenance program that prevents the floors from degrading over time. This way, the life of your rug will be prolonged, and the rug fading will slow down as well. 



Whether you have a wonderful natural fiber rug or a synthetic carpet, we at Home decor fine rugs will provide tips and tricks to help you retain the former glory of your beloved rugs. 



Know your rug type


Broadly, we can categorize rugs under two types-Made using natural fibers or made using synthetic fibers. Depending on the fiber type they’re made of, it is important for us to choose their cleaning method prudently. Natural fiber rugs and carpets require gentle cleaning methods that won't damage the fibers, while synthetic fiber rugs and carpets can be cleaned more aggressively. Also, the knowledge of the type of material will help us choose the right cleaning products and methods for maximum results.



Know the reason of rug fading


If you believe that your carpet looks shabby and faded due to long-term dirt buildup and improper care, you may simply need to give your carpets a deep clean to remove this buildup. If you believe that color loss occurred as a result of exposure to color removers like bleach and other cleaning solutions, it is best advised to re-dye your carpet.



Find the right cleaning products for them


It is very important for you to choose the right cleaning products if you want to evade rug fading. For natural fiber rugs and carpets, look for gentle, pH-balanced cleaners, while for synthetic fiber rugs and carpets, look for heavy-duty cleaners that can effectively remove dirt and stains.



Give your rugs a thorough clean

With the right cleaning products, it's time to clean the rug or carpet thoroughly. But before beginning, it’s best to do a patch test before. Always test a small area where it won't be noticed first before applying to the entire area. 


Drying and maintaining the rug properly 

After you have the spotless rug or carpet, it's important to dry it properly.Once you have successfully brightened your faded rug or carpet, it is important to take steps to prevent further fading. 


To keep the color and brightness of your rug or carpet:


* Rotate it regularly and use a rug pad to protect the fibers from wear and tear. 

* Clean up spills and stains promptly. 

* If you simply leave the shoes by the door and make sure to wear socks inside, you will reduce the number of contaminants to which your carpet is subject to.

* Vacuum regularly and avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight.


Regular maintenance will extend the life and appearance of the rug or carpet. By following these steps, you can successfully brighten faded rugs and carpets and keep them looking their best for years to come.


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