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Not only are rugs aesthetically appealing, but they can also be used to prolong and protect the lifespan of your floors. Whether you have vinyl floors, hardwood floors or stone flooring, an area rug will be your best defense and will be easy to move to any other room of the home at any time.

Thus, we at home decor fine rugs have penned down a few of the basic benefits a rug provides to your floor so that you can’t unsee the immense benefits a rug will provide you and you just can’t wait to get one home.

Protection from premature wear and tear

Normal wear and tear is the light damage that occurs over time and in basically inevitable. May you be cautious all the time, but you cannot escape the minimal damage that will be caused to your floor. But on the contrary, when you use a rug over your floor, it can make the impossible happen. It will offer a high level of protection to the floors, which can prevent premature wear and tear from developing. Thus, it will increase the lifespan of your floor.

A rug beneath the dining table or other furniture in the living room will help you to safeguard your floor from any scratches or damage caused during shifting. The rug can also help in preventing cracks and chips from forming on the hardwood or vinyl floors.

Protection from direct sunlight

May you use the finest species of the hardwood flooring available in the market, still it will fade, bleach or darken when exposed to the sun. Wood being photosensitive material, there will be an obvious effect on the color of the floor when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays for long durations.

Here is where a rug can become your rescuer. A rug, when laid on the floor beside a window or the door, covers that part of the floor which receives direct sunlight. Thus, it prevents any direct contact between the hardwood floor and sunlight.

Apparently, it safeguards the floor from any fading which could have been caused over the time if exposed to direct sunlight.

Protection from dust and dirt

It can become really hectic to wipe the floor daily. If left unattended, the dust and dirt can cause them to age and look dingy. But to save you time and effort, a rug can protect your floor from dust and dirt that comes indoors from the outside. Along with the protection, it will also add beauty to your interiors.

Conclusively, the rug will collect dust and grime, which is easy to vacuum each week. This makes the whole process easy, time saving and tidy as well.

Protection from any harm caused by pets

When you have pets in the home, you can’t just ignore the fact that they possibly can cause damage to your floor. Like anything sharp, your pet's claws dig into the floor's finish and over the time, your once-pristine flooring starts to look shabby.

However, a rug can be your savior here as well. It will protect your floor from any sort of shabby look that could have been possibly caused by your beloved pet’s claws. It will also prevent any oils from the coats of cats or dogs from transferring to the floors when they sit or lie down each day.

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