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There is nothing like staying at home for comfort. We have so much strings attached to our dwelling that we love to take care and beautify it. Thus, you cannot imagine a home without a comfortable interior. And the moment we want comfortable interior for our homes, the first thing that crosses our mind over is a soft rug which is so snugly to walk barefoot.

Rugs date back to antiquity when they were used for decorating and warming any dwelling, beginning from the caves to the luxurious halls of the imperial palaces - rugs have been stealing the show! In addition to the aesthetic function, carpets provide sound and heat insulation, safeguards against slips and accidents and protects the floor too.

Fashion, trends, tastes and preferences keep changing, but rugs always stay up-to-the-minute. Thus, there is a huge selection of carpets of any style and for every taste. Therefore, the interior decorators often use the rugs as a focal point in the decor of the house. So, have you ever thought which rug will best suit your interiors? To begin with selecting the best ethnic rug for your space, we need to answer the question of what ethnic rugs are, and how do you recognize them? Talking on a broader term - you can define several large types of ethnic rugs – Persian, Indian, Turkish, Moroccan, Mexican Indian, Chinese, etc.

What are Ethnic Rugs?

Ethnic rugs are a great way to add character, style, aura and individuality to any home. They make an unforgettable impression on any space. The designs and colors of these ethnic rugs take us to their places of origin and insinuate their culture and roots in our homes. These rugs are very versatile as we can easily customize them according to our decorative styles, different uses and the different areas where we are placing them.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are intricately linked with the history of rugs. These handmade works of art have long been praised for their beautiful patterns, inextricable craftsmanship, and outstanding durability. These rugs add timeless class to any room. As every Persian rug is meticulously hand-knotted by skilled artisans over many months, each of them is a unique work of art. In each Persian rug, the weaver beautifully insinuates his unique style, thoughts and reflection of ideas.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are among the favorite ones of decorators, as Turkey have been famous for its unique rugs since ancient times. Due to their originality, durability and appearance, they have been topping the lists of the designers. Thus, handmade Turkish rugs are considered to be one of the most beautiful and popular among both antique and modern rugs.

Mexican Rugs

Mexican rugs are made using sheep wool by Zapotec weavers in the region of Oaxaca. Many people throughout the world enjoy collecting and decorating with the Mexican rugs, as they are world-famous for their unique colors and patterns.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs have gain appraisal across the world for their dynamic colors and bold geometric patterns. These rugs are handmade on looms placed on the ground using sheep’s wool, but the weaving techniques could vary depending on the tribe that wove them. Thus, the highlighting quality of Moroccan rugs are the effortless geometric patterns, the energetic colors, zestful design and beauty which give these rugs a special charm. 

Indian Rugs

The great Mughal Akbar invited Persian craftsmen to weave rugs for his palace. By and by, original Indian patterns were developed which were unique. Mainly woven by hand, each Indian rug produced has its own unique color, pattern or ornament. These Indian rugs are light, colorful, bright, strong, durable and very pleasant to the touch.


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