• Amir Ghods

"There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns."

-Edward de Bono

Creativity is the key of decorating homes.
Inculcating creativity into your homes is as extravagant as spending a big budget when it comes to transforming your home. But, how amazing it would be when you can induce creativity into your homes by just simply adding a rug and giving any space a premium look.

If you desire your house to look stylish and up to date with the latest trend? If you do not want to follow the same old designs and ways to use the rugs, you just have to go a little creative with your rug! Rugs can be used in various ways and in different manners. It can transform any room, as its potential doesn’t stop at the floor. 

Here are some of the creative as well as outstanding ways to beautify your spaces. So, just pick some of your favorite and vibrant rugs and go creative with Home decor fine rugs!

Not just the floor, beautify your walls!

Why should one let go money down the drain to put a lot of frames on the wall. If you have a spare wall in your house, and you can't think of decorating it, we have a seamless solution for you. A rug can be a unique and creative way here to beautify your wall that too cost effectively.

Many antique rugs are true works of arts and are excessively beautiful, so why not give them the delight to be hanged on your walls. A colorful rug with some rich, vibrant hues and intricate designs can really add energy to the wall. A clearly defined border in this case will almost act like a frame.

Stay safe, stay creative!

When you see a couple of stairs, children may see a gigantic mountain that needs to be climbed. Falls can happen anywhere in the home, but stairs can be a risky spot when you have kids. But, how about creatively using a rug on the stairs to cover them up, which would make them safer for kids and at the same time bring elegance and warmth too.

Rugs work wonders on stairs, providing soft and spongy comfort underfoot. Though they might not prevent falls, but it certainly provides more stability and safety when climbing stairs.

What to do with your old rug?

Isn't it difficult to let go of your beloved rug when you have cherished it for a long time. Sometimes due to wear and tear, it's difficult to keep using your rug underfoot. But still, you aren't ready to move it away from the front of your eyes. In that case, we've got a creative idea for you. Making or turning these beloved rugs of yours into something is a very artistic idea. You can turn them into pillows or cushions. Don't worry, this chore is very easy to make. Fold the rugs, stuff feathers or cotton and stitch the corners. Alternatively, you can also use these old rugs to make the seats of a sofa sets and just secure the rug to stay with you forever.

Why not reshape the boring shaped rug?

Are you bored with the shape of your rug? Why not go creative by making another rug out of it.
If you want to get a different shaped rug out of the one you already have, all you need to do is grab some good cutters. It's time to cut some new and interesting shapes! Grab your plain rug and slice away the unwanted portions, giving it a new shape. Now you have a new and exclusive shape rug in your home.


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