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Carpet moths can be one of the major reason to spoil the health of your dear rug. The damaged caused by it can be costly to repair, only if it’s possible to mend it in the first place, otherwise it can cause an irreversible amount of damage to your favorite rug. If left untreated, the infestation can spread around your home. Fortunately, at Home decor fine rugs, have all you need to know about how to get rid of carpet moths.


Signs that clearly warn you about carpet moths!


Make sure that you know that the moths are most interested in any natural fibers in your home, peculiarly if it’s in a dark and dusty corner of your home. Thus, the warning signs which clearly indicate about the carpet moths are :


* If you have noticed any worn out patches on your rug which is particularly in unused rooms or in dark areas, then this is a tell-tale sign of a carpet moth infestation.


* Keep an eye for strange patches on the edges and corners of your rugs, which are other common signs of the presence of carpet moths.


* One of the most common signs of moths is the presence of cocoons in your home. 



How do carpet moths get into your house?


Before fixing the problem, it’s always better to know the root cause. So that, you can further prevent it completely. In order to deal with the carpet moths, firstly we need to figure out how do they get into your house. Thus, there are few things you need to know before you can start getting rid of carpet moths:


A rug made of made fiber can be your savior 


If you aren’t able to deal with the moth infestation and the problem is recurring, remember, a rug made of man-made fiber can be your savior.



Beware of their strong sense of smell


Carpet moths have a strong sense of smell. They are attracted to the scent of fur, silk and wool.



Look for any source that provides keratin!!


The larvae eats a protein called keratin which is found in natural fibers, dead skin and hair. This is the reason why moths attack the rugs made of natural fibers. 



They might love the low traffic areas


In order for the larvae to grow, a moth will search out somewhere with a food source that has the lots of wool, hair, skin and food debris available. This all can be easily found in a low traffic area.




How to get rid of carpet moths? 



If you think you have an infestation, here are some basic tips to get rid of them.


  • Remember to vacuum your regularly and carefully. This will help you to remove any eggs that may be in or on your carpet. Also, this will clean up any hair, skin or food debris, which the larvae need for survival.


  • Use a steam cleaner on the rug, if you have a particularly bad infestation or want to make sure you got all the larvae


  • Carpet moths and their larvae like warm, humid environments. Thus, take care of this that you are not providing them their most favorable atmosphere.


  • A homemade moth repellent with dried herbs can also help you to treat for carpet moths.


  • If nothing works, it’s maybe the time to call in pest control. With their specialized equipment's, they will help you to get rid of the infestation from your home quickly and easily.

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