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The term “eco-friendly” when used along with any product is self-explanatory and explains that the product doesn’t harm the planet. Here, in the world where we are talking about sustainability and channelizing our work towards the activities that doesn’t adversely impact our future generations, we really need to inculcate these terms in our day-to-day activities. 


How about we begin with choosing Eco friendly ways while choosing rugs for our home this winter.


We are aware that today, everything we use leaves a carbon footprint on our lives. Once the damage is done to the environment, it is irreversible. Thus, we can consciously make choices and at least lower the damage. Thus, Home decor fine rugs have gathered some points that you can keep in your mind while choosing a rug so that your choice can be a prudent one, and you can then enjoy the rug for decades to come.


Go for Natural Fibers 


Rugs made with natural fibers such as wool, jute or cotton uses non-toxic components. They are biodegradable and are made from renewable resources, emitting low amount of VOC’s ( Volatile Organic Compounds) in comparison to machine made rugs made of petroleum-based synthetic fiber.


In that case, how can you find the rug which meets your requirement? The easiest way is to stick with sustainably produced natural fibers that are biodegradable. For this, you can go for materials like jute, seagrass, bamboo, wool, and organic or recycled cotton which are cleaner alternatives to polyester and nylon which will also add a beautiful textural element to any room.


Choose non toxic pads if you want additional padding


If you want to add additional padding to your rug, then add recyclable materials. These materials are a sustainable alternative to plastic or rubber. Plastic and rubber padding can be toxic and hazardous, especially for children who spend a lot of time on the floor.  For e.g. - As an alternative to rubber pads, felt pads can be the best eco-friendly padding option



Proper disposing of the old carpets


Disposing the old carpet is just as important as selecting a new carpet with natural fibers. The way you dispose of the old carpet reflects your efforts to preserve the environment! That’s why never dump in a landfill, rather you should take the old carpet to a recycling center or even a flooring company that will recycle it.



Using low -VOC’s glue


In order to place wall-to-wall carpets, which are a good interior choice, we need to use chemical-based glues that which suppress your idea of eco-friendly carpeting. However, if you really want to stick to your idea, you’ll find other ways in which to fit a carpet. You can choose to tape down the carpet or use a water-based, low-VOC glue. These do not contain any harmful chemicals, so there is no health risk for humans or the environment.


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