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Rugs have been beautifully playing their role in keeping our homes warm and cozy. What do you still need to make yourself really comfortable in winter? For cozy evenings in the cold season, we recommend making yourself comfortable with lots of soft pillows and a warm blanket on the couch - or on a soft, snug rug. During the winters, when the night grows a little longer and the temperature drops, rug can be the best addition in your interiors. Rugs help in keeping the heat absorbed and maintaining room temperature. 


When it’s cold, what could be better than a super looking area rug laid out on a beautiful floor providing you all the soft, thick, fluffy, amazing and ideally so cozy feel that you just can’t keep yourself away from that comfort. 


In keeping with the time of the year, we are therefore bringing you a fantastic list of tips on how to make your space more cozy and comfortable. 



Creating a cozy prayer space


Some spaces in your home are used barefoot. It can be the sacred prayer space or any other area. Such areas that are typically used barefoot will be benefited with a rug, particularly in winter, when cool hard floors can start to feel uninviting to your feet. 


A real snug rug will save you the hassle of putting on slippers and thick socks in the winter, and creates a cozy vibe wherever it’s placed.



Let children crawl and play on the floor


Babies and toddlers are too fond of the chilly floor. Somehow they will find a reason to slip down to the floor from the bed of the sofa. They spend a great deal of time on the floor, lying, sitting, crawling or playing there. 

In order to keep them safe from getting cold, treat them with a rich cozy, comfortable and warm rug.



Zoning out the seating space in winters


When you have large open space in your home, it will become impossible to cover up all the floor with a covering. But in order to create a warmer atmosphere, you can zone out spaces like the dining area or the sitting space by placing a rug underneath. It will give a more welcoming look and cozy feel to the space.



Create an intimidating feel


Layering rugs can create a bespoke look. Layering rugs on top of one another is a trend that's proven to have staying power. Doing so can feel intimidating and also create a bespoke look.



Curl up a rug near the fireplace area


Rugs always give a spectacular view when added to any place. It gives off a cozy and contemporary feel to the house. Placing a rug near the fireplace is an evergreen and classic way of creating a warm and cozy seating.


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