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Sometime, small details give a beautiful and posh finishing to interior design. But when it comes to giving an authentic and classic touch to a room, rugs are always chosen as the best option. They are one of the best home decor which can fit any corner of house giving a classic look to it. It not only adds up color to the space or gives a level up to your personality, but it also ties up the decoration and beauty of the space in one unit.

The rug itself has full potential to change the look of a boring and a simple room into a luxurious, classic and aesthetic one.
If you are in search of cost-effective stylish interior design tools then rugs are one of the most convenient home decor which can add hues and patterns to your living space without much renovation. They are those unsung heroes which not only provide comfort and style to the space, but also set up tones, softening the mood of any room.
But the main problem arises when it comes to choosing a perfect rug for your home. Apparently, I think this is the best place you came over as we are going to guide you to find the best and out of the box rugs, helping you to give the best authentic and an extraordinary look to your beloved space.

When we begin to give you rug ideas, first comes the coziest corner of your house, that is, your beautiful bedroom.
Bedroom is the space where you relax and get rid of all the stress you had all day long. So, to help you to design this beautiful corner of your house we have put together some beautiful designs of rugs, which are best suited for your room.

In order to find some best rugs, you need to keep some important points in mind before choosing it.

• There are three main way that you can use to place a bedroom rug: the bed fully on the rug, the bed partially on the rug, or with runners at the side of the bed.

1. Bed fully on rugs
2. Bed partially on rugs
3. Rugs as runner at the sides of beds.

Based on the look that you desire to give to your bedroom, CHOOSE YOUR RUG!

Light and airy

For a light and airy room, white rugs are best. To give a more stunning look, always go for a patterned rug in varying neutral shades. Even it goes well if you can tie it with your pillows and blankets.


If you are very much addicted to beaches then never hesitate to try rattan bed frame along with seagrass rug, as it definitely adds a coastal look to your bedroom. No matter where you actually live, you can feel like you're by the sea with this layout.


It's classic and most importantly it gives a cozy look to a bedroom, but go for a patterned version to make it looking retro too.


If you have lots of colors in your bedroom, then always try for an equally bold rug for it. Just pick up a neutral colored rug, like black & white, so it doesn't clash with your other decor of the room rather than enhancing it.

Jewel- Toned

If you are going for simple, but stylish look, always go for colorful and patterned rugs. Dark, rich colors will have a jewel-box effect against the simple backdrop.

Soft and patterned

Again, for a simple and elegant layout patterns, light colors are best suited. It gives a room a stylish though cool look.

Bohemian deco

No other rugs can equalize Bohemian decor like a patterned rug. The vibrant colors give a bold look to the room.
8. Black & White
To give the room a crisp and light look, the darker rug keeps it from bordering on shabby chic. It can be balanced out with pinks and whites with a black and white patterned rug.

Sky Blue

If you are an aesthetic lover and want to give a beachy aesthetic look to your bedroom, or just want to add a subtle, gender-neutral pop of color. Soft blue rug are liable to make the room feel fresh.

Dark neutral

If you own a dark-colored bedroom, never hesitate to go for a patterned style to break up that darkness of the room. A brown rug creates a more feminine layout to the bedroom, with lots of florals, whites, and blues.

Bedroom Rug Sizing

Now moving ahead to sizing a rug for your bedroom, the best place to start is with the border rule— take a rug big enough for an 18- to 24-inch border around yours bed's edges.
Yes! It's necessary to choose a rug according to your bed size, but it fully depends on you. So, in order to visualize your rug in your space, use a tape or a bedsheet to outline the size of your rug. By this way, you will get an idea to find a perfect sized rug for your bedroom.

Find a better rug pad!

Now coming, to rug pads it's very tempting to think something out of the box. Though rug pad seems to be insignificant, but this small detail can transform a good rug to a great one. It’s very important because it prevents the rug from slipping, along with many other benefits.

The most unpleasant thing, is to leave your cozy bed and get up for your daily business, but, what will happen if you get up in the morning and have a nasty fall when your rug slips under you! So, to prevent this bad start of your beautiful day, runners should always be anchored with a rug pad. 
A rug placed fully under your bed are not too prone to slip, though, a premium felt-and-rubber rug pads prevents slipping and provides an extra level of comfort to your floor.

But before leaving, I would like to give a sweet advise when it comes to bedroom rugs, there is no harm to give it a personal touch even if you have to break the rules a little! As your bedroom is your personal space, it should reflect your personal style.


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