The Timeless Appeal of Persian Rugs

The Timeless Appeal of Persian Rugs

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You have likely heard of the Persians and Kurds, ethnic groups indigenous to present-day Iran. But you may not know about the Scythians, a nomadic people who migrated to the Siberian steppe. It was in that far-flung tundra in the 1920s that a carpet made by these people was discovered, frozen in time, beautifully preserved so that we could learn about them, share their story, and admire their remarkable craftsmanship. The Pazyryk carpet dates from the 5th century BCE, when the first wave of Iranian diaspora carried people and textiles north. This saved myriad great works of art from when, in 331 BCE, Alexander the Great burned the shining city of Persepolis to the ground. 

The ancient world knew well of the artistry it took to create such delicate designs, but it was not until the 17th century, under the rule of Shah Abbas the Great during the Safavid dynasty, that the Persian rug became widely produced and known throughout the world. Carpet production became a true industry and as trade with Europe increased, the demand for such artful luxury grew. Vermeer and Rubens painted Persian rugs into their Renaissance masterpieces, and Elizabethan England was smitten by their exotic beauty. The Oriental influence can be seen through the pop culture lens of 20th century America, when musicians like Bob Dylan began wearing paisley, a Persian pattern some have likened to pickles. Rock stars eventually took to performing upon Persian rugs, which lend both acoustic softness and mystical quality to the hard rock of psychedelic electric guitars. 

And speaking of tales and magic, Persian rugs have woven their way into the fabric of myth and literature, in the form of flying carpets from such epics as “One Thousand and One Nights.” A magic carpet can instantly transport a hero into an archetypical landscape or carry two lovers away on a romantic excursion around the world’s great sites. Rugs are used for prayer and devotion, and they can be seen as a secular form of worship, in the way the mathematics and meditative artistry can connect a soul with the divine Godhead. A Persian rug can take you anywhere you can dream to go. Why not bring one home? 

Persian rugs are truly timeless. Owning one is participating in history and ancient culture. Transform your house today. Home Decor Fine Rugs sells high-quality carpets from Iran that elevate your home decor.


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