The Difference Between Rugs and Carpets

The Difference Between Rugs and Carpets

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The words carpet and rug are often used interchangeably, but we want to stress the distinction between the two terms. Part of what we do at Home Decor Fine Rugs is education. We love the history, significance, and artistry of Persian rugs, and want to share our culture and knowledge with our customers in the San Diego area. Our family has been making rugs for over 50 years; we are now in our third generation as master rug weavers. Please allow us to make the case that rugs and carpets and different, so that we are speaking the same language when we discuss your plans to decorate your home with our heirloom-quality pieces.


Carpet is a larger, wall-to-wall textile, often monochromatic and synthetic. The fibers can be high pile or low, and are generally durable and reasonably easy to clean. Carpeting is permanently attached to the floor of the home, installed by professionals, which makes it a feature if you are selling, or it may be something you remove when you move into a new place. Carpeting is comfortable and has its advantages. But the distinction is not simply aesthetic. 


Persian rugs were originally conceived and created by nomadic people. People who lived temporarily in shelters that could be packed up and taken with them, as they followed their grazing animals, escaped oppression, or set out along the trade roads of the ancient world to ply their wares. Rugs – smaller and easier to fold, roll, and carry – make each new settlement, no matter how short-lived, feel like home. They add continuity and connection to villages left behind and loved ones never to be seen again. You can take these pieces of legend, craftsmanship, and family lore with you. Have rugs, will travel, whether it’s across San Diego or to the other side of the world, on the kind of adventure our ancestors could hardly fathom. 


Carpet can bring a sense of cohesion to a space. It is a safe and snug option for families with small children or the elderly. Rugs, however, with their unique sense of time, design, and place, add an element of interest to your home. Each rug is its own work of art, and you can decorate your home with rugs to create areas for living, playing, sleeping, cooking, relaxing, and enjoying your oasis from the busy, outside world. 

Home Decor Fine Rugs offers a wide selection of rugs that will suit your family, house, and lifestyle. We would love to find you the perfect floor covering to make your life more beautiful.


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