I spilled on my rug

I spilled on my rug

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Let’s face it we have all spilled something on our beautiful rugs. 

It’s even harder to keep them looking clean with little ones, or our furry friends causing accidental spills on them. You like having people over and accidents, unfortunately, are a part of life. Or maybe you like sipping some wine after a long day and sometimes that wine makes it to your Rugs. Whatever case you find yourself in, know that Home Decor Fine Rugs is your local San Diego owned shop that not only sells rugs but also are experts in cleaning them. Sure you can go ahead and do it yourself but with our extensive knowledge and experts in cleaning rugs, we have seen it all! We are confident we can get those stains out of your rug. Now we are not miracle workers either so if you wait too long to bring us the rug, you run a higher risk of that stain being a permanent part of your rugs design. 

Let us take care of your rug problem! we are confident you will leave happy with our service.


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