Handmade Versus Machine-Made Fine Rugs

Handmade Versus Machine-Made Fine Rugs

  • Amir Ghods

With a little research and understanding, any contemporary consumer can know just what to look for in an area rug or carpet. There are reasons for investing in a handcrafted rug, as well as good cause to go for a machine-made carpet. There are natural fibers and synthetic fibers to consider, and the cost of investing in a work of art. If you have kids or pets, you may want to get a machine-made rug for now. But it’s good to learn how to spot a quality rug, whether you are shopping in San Diego or in a souk in the Middle East. Our experts can help you see the difference and make the best decision for you now.

Hand-Knotted Rugs 

A hand-knotted rug is woven by an artisan, knot by knot. The process is tedious, and requires attention to detail and great skill. It could take well over a year for a professional to knot a 9-by-12 rug to completion. These rugs require our great respect and attention. A rug such as this, typically made of wool, cotton, or silk, will last for decades, even in the high-traffic living room of a busy, growing family. These are very traditional-looking Persian rugs with a low pile and intricate design. 

Hand-Tufted Rugs 

A hand-tufted rug, while still the work of a skilled person, takes less time and is therefore usually less expensive. These rugs are often made of wool and have a softer feel and high-pile, thicker appearance. 

Cotton and Braided Rugs 

Think of an oval-shaped rug with a pattern of concentric colors, in blues and tans and gray found in country homes like a cottage in Maine or a craftsman in California. This style is rustic, homespun, and very Americana. A braided rug looks great in a sunroom, kitchen, porch, or even in a guest room. They look lovely with Shaker furniture and Windsor chairs. 

Machine-Made Rugs 

Machine-made, or power-loomed rugs are typically made from the same wool as a handmade rug but manufactured on a Wilton loom in Europe. Then there are synthetic rugs, made from plastics like nylon and rayon with a latex backing. These rugs are durable, and are perfect for the wear and tear of a family. 

Baluch Rugs 

These very traditional, bold, geometric rugs come from the Baluch tribes of Southern Iran. In colors of burgundy and ivory and navy, these rugs tell the stories of kind and gentle people who have been weaving them by hand for 2,500 years. 

Home Décor Fine Rugs’ experienced staff can assist you in picking out just the right rug for your upscale space.


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