Proper Rug Cleaning Is Imperative

Proper Rug Cleaning Is Imperative

  • Amir Ghods

When it comes to protecting a beautiful, high-quality investment like a fine rug, regular cleaning and prompt repair are of utmost importance. Carpet cleaning services and their “one size fits all” approach are fine for modern, synthetic, replaceable, wall-to-wall carpet, but a piece of art like a fine rug requires a gentler and more dedicated touch. If you keep your rug in good condition, it will look gorgeous for generations, a fine piece to pass down as a family heirloom. It is so much more than a floor covering, and therefore deserves close attention and gentle care. 


Proper cleaning includes hand-washing by an experienced individual with knowledge of the equipment, formulas and methods used to prevent damage and protect the color and design of your heirloom piece. For example, a professional knows you can't dry clean a handmade rug because the solvents dry it out, that lanolin in the wool that is used to weave the rug is a key factor in its look and feel. Additionally, silk rugs cannot be hand-washed, as the material will be ruined if it becomes wet. 


Natural dyes are used in high-quality rugs. That means the colors could run when cleaned with soap and water. 


The fringe must be washed separately to prevent it from turning gray. One small thing you can do at home is trim the fringe or flyaway pieces with a small pair of sharp scissors. That keeps the rug looking tidy. 

Annual Cleaning 

It’s important to have regular cleaning to maintain the condition of the piece, not just to wait for spills or stains to spot clean. If you do an annual deep clean for the Christmas holidays or in the spring, add a professional cleaning of your Oriental rugs to the task list. 

Home Décor Fine Rugs’ cleaning and repair services are handled by caring professionals with 50 years of experience. We make the process of purchasing and owning a beautiful Persian carpet an easy and positive experience.


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