Styling Runners in Your Home

Styling Runners in Your Home

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When considering a rug purchase, most couples immediately jump to imagining how a 5-by-7 or 8-by-10 piece would look in their home. These are great options for large spaces, but a more versatile size and style can be used to add character and aesthetic appeal throughout the house. Runners, though generally used in hallways, have wide application and can be styled in surprising ways. Do something a little unexpected and add interest and comfort to your abode. 


Consider adding warmth and character to an otherwise boring floor in the bathroom, perhaps in front of the sink. We absolutely love the chic look of a fine, high-quality rug arranged over cold, poured concrete or the humblest white tile. One of the benefits of a piece like this is a sort of everyday luxury. People are always talking about self-care these days, and we can assure you nothing brightens up a dull Monday morning than standing on a pretty runner while you brush your teeth and apply eye cream. You will feel like you are living the aspirational life of an Instagram influencer in a space filled with plants and gold orbs and a claw foot bathtub. 


Add a runner in the bedroom to anchor furniture and tie eclectic elements together. It is sometimes hard to place rugs in a bedroom. Should the rug go under the bed or nearer the closet? Use a runner to give your feet a soft place to land when the alarm goes off in the morning. Or as a hand-woven architectural path that leads to your en suite bathroom. A runner is good for chilly mornings during colder months and can be moved around the bedroom when you need to change things up without shopping. 

Living Room 

Placing a runner near or under a coffee table in the living room showcases the piece. It provides your living room with a defined area, and it is also easily moved around depending on your life, the season, whether the children are at home, or what looks best with formal holiday decorations. A runner is versatile, and you can have fun redecorating your house with things already in your possession. 


Placing a long runner near a kitchen island offers more comfortable footing for high-traffic areas as well as variety in texture next to wood cabinets and floors. Again, we absolutely adore the somewhat unexpected look of a good Oriental rug in the kitchen as opposed to the more common rag rugs or simpler textiles. You can create an aesthetic that looks pulled from a magazine simply by putting in a long, narrow rug in a room or corner you might not ordinarily find one. 

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