Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary Rug Styles

Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary Rug Styles

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The rug under your feet means that you are home. The chaotic world is outside, and within the walls is safety, family, and comfort. A good rug brings the room together. A good rug is where you curl up for board games and cheese boards and movie nights. There are three types of rugs to choose from, in the aesthetic sense. We’ll explain the difference between traditional, transitional, and contemporary rugs to suit your house, life, and decor. 


Traditional rugs are geometric in design and Persian, Turkish, or Indian in origin. You know these rugs by their symmetry, their order, their harmonious designs that evoke the perfection of both mathematics and nature. You may not, however understand the labor-intensive process that it is to manufacture such a work of functional art. 

It all begins with sheep. Women shear the sheep, spin the wool into thread by hand, and dye it using plants and insects. The deep and seeping reds are derived from the juice of the pomegranate. Chamomile, grape leaves, and indigo are used to imbue rich hues in the weaving. A hand-knotted rug may take a skilled craftsperson months or even years to complete. If you look closely, you may see that these expert artisans intentionally insert mistakes into their wondrous creations, to symbolize the inherent imperfection of humanity. 

When the rugs are cut from the loom, they are dried under the sun, as a last, natural step, before they are delivered to market. Persian rugs have been made this way in Iran for more than 2,500 years and were originally used by the nomadic tribesmen of the region. A traditional Oriental carpet adds depth and character to your home, an elegance evocative of other people and places, but always with a sense of immense quality and the highest ideal of man. 


A transitional rug incorporates elements of a traditional one, though it may not be made by hand or with such fine quality. You may be able to obtain, for less of an investment, a rug that is larger or less detailed. If you have a room or area that requires coverage and you want the look of a Persian rug, you can consider a machine-made reproduction. These work well for family homes, in high traffic areas, or anywhere you do a lot of living but may not want to sully the finest quality carpets. A good, transitional rug adds comfort, grace, and value to your home. 


Oriental rugs do not complement every design sensibility. Some among us prefer a contemporary style with bolder graphics and more saturated coloring. A contemporary rug could resemble a modern painting with abstract flowers or shapes as in a painting by Pollack or Mondrian. These rugs are also works of art that make your house feel and look luxurious. A contemporary rug can be knotted by hand, made of wool or silk, and come from India, China, or Pakistan. To some, the traditional rug simply feels too formal, and this style lends an airier quality to the space you are decorating and living in. 

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